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Welcome to my web site. Please leave any comments, suggestions or questions you have about any of my photos or the site. Thanks in advance.

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Question   Dreams Tulum
Pictures are beautiful. My husband and I have a trip booked for November 2008. Can't wait to go!!!

-  February 29, 2008

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Question   Dreams, Tulum
Lovely pictures of Dreams resort - thanks for putting my mind at rest! We have booked for this August and since booking have read some very conflicting reviews.

-  February 22, 2008

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Question   quality

-  October 18, 2007

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Question   Your Work is Wonderful

I came across your site through betterphoto.com I have interested in photography for about 4 years now. I too find an interest in low light photography, and wanted to take the time to say I love the alternate angles you choose. and I say your work is wonderfull. I have not taken any courses , more self taught through books and experementing. I wanted to ask you how well you have benifited from taking online classes through betterphoto.com.
I have been looking around on that site for a while wondering how much I could really get from a online course. please get back and let me know. cynthia -N.Y.

- fotolife 4/11/2005 11:18:43 PM

- Sharon E. Lowe August 17, 2007

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Question   Dream Tulum
I just loved you pictures!!! I am getting married in May at Dreams Tulum & loved the new photos of the property.

-  March 27, 2007

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Question   thanks for having a website :-)
i had a long sigh after I saw ur website.
it was a very good sigh though because it has been a long time that I have not seen pics from such a talented photographer.
thanks again

-  September 12, 2006

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Question   About your photography.
Very nice pictures!I myself am just an amature who enjoys taking pictures.You will probably see me around somewhere, because I just like going where ever my car takes me and then I will stop and start shooting pictures.I won 2nd place picture contest in the "WI Department of Transportaion Rustic roads contest 2004" and they are using a few others pictures for there travel books.I was just lucky that time!But I am proud of it.I am working on a few more contests every year,It's just to much fun. Your site has good tips and ideas also!

-  July 24, 2006

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Question   Sharon
I discovered the URL to your site in Bryan's book. I must say you are truly amazing. As a beginner I truly look up to your work. I too am very intrigued with night/low light photography. Keep up the good work.

-  December 13, 2005

  Answer Joe - thanks for the nice comments!!

- Sharon E. Lowe  December 14, 2005

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Question   Nice Work Sharon!
You can expect a lot of new visitors, I just received Bryan's new book and he mentions your site.
I have taken a course and a workshop with Bryan and truly enjoy his vision.
Good luck with your vocation.


-  October 11, 2005

  Answer Dale - thanks. Hope you enjoy Bryan's new book!

- Sharon E. Lowe  October 12, 2005

  Answer Always the best contnet from these prodigious writers.

- Arjay Arjay  July 09, 2011

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Question   Great night work!
Hi Sharon,

I came across your site on BetterPhoto (I am too a member of this fine photographic community) and I want to say that your work is truly inspiring. I very much enjoyed your Night Photography gallery– very professional sunsets, really great work! I have recently played with some night images myself and would appreciate your comments on those, if you have a chance.

Philip Pankov
Pictures of Ireland - Fine Art Photographs

-  October 03, 2005

  Answer Philip - thanks for the nice comments!

- Sharon E. Lowe  October 12, 2005

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Question   Inspiring!
I wanna be just like you when I grow up!!!!

-  August 09, 2005

  Answer Bredna - thanks - very nice comment!

- Sharon E. Lowe  August 13, 2005

  Answer hi..??

- lorevil parejo  January 22, 2012

  Answer This atrcile keeps it real, no doubt.

- Seston Seston  January 30, 2012

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Question   Sharon
What a lovely discovery ! While looking at some of Lance Keimig's website I noticed your link. I will have to keep a look out for your work around the area in the future!

Lisa Allen
South Shore Camera Club

-  August 04, 2005

  Answer Lisa - thank you so much for your nice comments!

- Sharon E. Lowe  August 04, 2005

  Answer Grazi for mkanig it nice and EZ.

- Lakisha Lakisha  January 30, 2012

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Question   Great Website!
Hi Sharon - Your website is beautiful, well organized and full of gorgeous images! I just bought a Holga with a polaroid back and am anxious to try it - great to see your photos! Thank you for sharing your technique for digital sandwiching, much appreciated and I'll give it a try!
Kind regards, ~ Deb

- Deborah Sandidge April 08, 2005

  Answer Deborah - thanks so much for your nice comments!!

- Sharon E. Lowe  April 12, 2005

  Answer What a joy to find such clear tnhiking. Thanks for posting!

- Alexavier Alexavier  January 29, 2012

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Question   A Great Time
Sharon thank you for such a great time on our shoot. You are a great person (and my children loved you). They could not wait to get home and tell mommy about all the fun they had. I hope we have a chance to work together again.

-  December 07, 2004

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Question   Sharon
Sharon, your photograph just awesome, a pleasure to look at them and also an inspiration

- Stan Kwasniowski October 19, 2004

  Answer Stan - thanks so much for your nice comments and for having a look at my site!!

- Sharon E. Lowe  October 19, 2004

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Question   Boston Photo Trek
Sharon, thanks for the tips. I attended the Boston Photo Trek and was interested in the photo sandwich. I haven't had time to try it yet but I wanted to say hi and thank you. Aloha, Diana Hudson

-  September 13, 2004

  Answer Diana - Hi and thanks for stopping by! You'll have fun with it when you have a chance to try it out!

- Sharon E. Lowe  September 13, 2004

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Question   Book

I am really impressed by your photos. In particular, I am a tremedous fan of the Boston photos. I have a lot of clients visiting Boston and are always looking for unique gifts. Have you thought about creating a Boston book?

-  August 26, 2004

  Answer Gillian - thank you for the nice comments. Yes, I actually am contemplating one and am toying with the idea of doing a "Boston by Night" book since I love night photography. I am busy on some other projects right now but will be giving it serious thought and work over the next couple of months. If you are interested, I would also consider mounting and framing some images or creating a custom card set you could give to your clients. Feel free to contact me.

- Sharon E. Lowe  August 26, 2004

  Answer Tip top stuff. I'll excpet more now.

- Brandywine Brandywine  July 10, 2011

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Question   Sandwiching
Your photos are fantastic! Your article on sandwiching in PS will definitely help me in the Better Photo course I'm in - Fine Art Flower Photograhy. There is a lesson on sandwiching and I shoot digitally. Do you have any tips on multiple exposures?
You've got a great eye and super imagination plus your technical skills are superb-- a winning combination.

-  July 13, 2004

  Answer Cathy - thanks! I've been thinking about writing an article on digital multiple exposures but I need to create the examples to go with it. For now, just pretend you have a film camera, take the same number of shots with the exposure information Tony gives you, move around as if you were doing a multiple exposure with a film camera and plan to layer them in PS, probably using overlay as your mode.

-  July 13, 2004

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Question   Great Site
Bonjour Sharon !

I love your site, its filled with wonderful images and very useful tips.

You are a very talented photographer and a friendly person, I wish you all my best on your future in photography !


- Jean-Francois Schmutz July 06, 2004

  Answer JF - thank you very much for your kind words! They mean so much to me, especially coming from you!

- Sharon E. Lowe  July 06, 2004

  Answer That insight slvoes the problem. Thanks!

- Misty Misty  October 18, 2012

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Question   Your Gallery
Sharon, Your gallery does a great job of showcasing your many wonderful images. Best of luck to you!

- Bernie Bryson June 13, 2004

  Answer Bernie - thanks! Glad you like them!!

- Sharon E. Lowe  June 13, 2004

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