2019 Full Moon Dates

As a night photographer, knowing the dates of the full moon is important. Luna Press is a great resource for a lunar calendar to hang on your wall.

If you don't want a calendar, here are the full moon dates and names for 2019 (all times are US Eastern Time):

January 21 - Full Wolf Moon 12:17 am

February 19 - Full Hunger Moon or Full Snow Moon 10:53 am

March 20 - Full Crow Moon or Full Worm Moon 9:43 pm

April 19 - Full Sprouting Grass Moon or Full Pink Moon 7:12 am

May 18 - Full Flower Moon 5:11 pm

June 17 - Full Rose Moon, Full Hot Moon or Full Strawberry Moon 4:31 am

July 16 - Full Thunder Moon or Full Buck Moon 5:39 pm

August 15 - Full Red Moon or Full Sturgeon Moon 8:31 am

September 14 - Full Corn Moon or Full Harvest Moon 12:35 am

October 13 - Full Harvest Moon or Full Hunter's Moon 5:10 pm

November 12 - Full Frost Moon or Full Beaver Moon 8:37 am

December 12 - Full Cold Moon 12:14 am