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Creating Slide Sandwiches or giving your photos the Orton Effect
A slide sandwich, sometimes called a slide montage, is a technique film photographers use to create a dreamy look in their images. Thanks to the computer darkroom, digital shooters can also duplicate this effect. This technique is also called the Orton Effect, so named after Michael Orton who is credited with first using this technique with slides. This article explains how to use film or digital to create this look.

How to Make White Light Red
Say you have an image that includes bright lights and you want to change their color. If the lights are primarily white, you can’t just use Photoshop CS tools such as selective color. One way to do it that works well is to use the channel mixer.

Photoshop Tip - Making a Graduated Neutral Density Filter
If you forgot your neutral density filter for your camera, don't worry, you can dramatically improve your images with the use of this Photoshop technique.

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